Add the Object ID to an Objects Info page

Customisation Title Add the Object ID to an Objects Info page
Purpose of Customisation Add the Object ID to an Objects Info page
Author John Shoun
Date of Customisation 14 August 2003
Covers Livelink Livelink 9
Livelink Modules Webnode
Affected Templates \webnode\html\infoproperties.html
Customisation Format HTML
Download Here Download as a ZIP file

T this customisation shows the Object ID of the object that you are looking at and its Object ID.

<!-- Name -->
        <TD ALIGN="LEFT" BGCOLOR="#CCCCCC" NOWRAP><FONT FACE="`[WebDsp_Font.SansSerif]`" SIZE="-1"> `[WebDoc_HTMLLabel.Name_]`</FONT></TD>
        <TD NOWRAP COLSPAN="31">
            ;if ( data.modifyAble )
                <INPUT ONCHANGE="markDirty()" TYPE="text" SIZE="42" NAME="docName" VALUE="``" MAXLENGTH="248">
        <TD ALIGN="LEFT" BGCOLOR="#CCCCCC" NOWRAP><FONT FACE="`[WebDsp_Font.SansSerif]`" SIZE="-1"> Object ID:</FONT></TD>
        <TD NOWRAP>

<!-- Type / Size -->

This allows you to know which version is the active version - without having to go to the Versions tab. A screenshot of the resulting screen is shown below :

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