Adding Location Column to the Assignments Edit/Organise

Customisation Title Adding Location Column to the Assignments Edit/Organise
Purpose of Customisation On the Edit/Organise screen for Assignments the Location column is missing, in some cases this column is used to help the user determine which tab the Assignment should appear
Author Greg Griffiths
Date of Customisation 04 April 2013
Covers Livelink Livelink 9.7.1
Content Server 10
Content Server 16
Livelink Modules Home
Affected Templates \module\home\taskview.html
Customisation Format HTML
Download Here Download as a ZIP file for Content Server 16
Download as a ZIP file for Content Server 10
Download as a ZIP file for LL 9.7

Recently a post on the Knowledge Centre caught my attention, the display layer for the Edit/Organise screen does not show the parent of the Task, which is helpful when trying to identify the source of the task or where there could be several tasks with similar names. I realised that this could be quickly solved with a simple change to the underlying WebLingo page. Firstly, we add the header row :

    <TD STYLE="BACKGROUND-REPEAT: repeat-x" BACKGROUND="`img`fon-table-header-blue.gif" CLASS="browseListHeaderLocation" SCOPE="colgroup" NOWRAP>
        &nbsp;<A HREF="javascript:doSubmit('`%Smode`','`%Stab`','`sort=='location'?'-':''`location')">`[Home_HTMLLabel.Location]`</A>
    <TD WIDTH="1%" CLASS="cellDivider" STYLE="BACKGROUND-REPEAT: no-repeat" BACKGROUND="`img`table-header-divider.gif">
        <IMG HEIGHT="19" ALT="" SRC="`img`px.gif" WIDTH="2" BORDER="0">

;case 'EDIT_BODY'

Next, we add the content rows :

            <TD><IMG HEIGHT="1" ALT="" SRC="`img`px.gif" WIDTH="2" BORDER="0"></TD>
            ;if( ( nodeRec.subType == $TypePersonalStagingFolder ) && ( Math.Abs( nodeRec.OwnerID ) == nodeRec.parentID ) )
                <TD CLASS="browseItemLocation">&nbsp;</TD>
                ;webRoot = $WebNode.WebNodes.GetItem( nodeRec.RootRec.SubType )
                ;openRoot = webRoot.Cmd( 'open' )
                <TD CLASS="browseItemLocation">
                    `%LwebRoot.IMG( nodeRec.RootRec )`&nbsp;`%LopenRoot.DisabledLink( .fPrgCtx, .fArgs, nodeRec.RootRec, nodeRec.RootRec.Name )`

    <!-- End File: home/tasksview.html -->

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