Remove the Frame Borders on a Workflow Task Screen

Customisation Title Remove the Frame Borders on a Workflow Task Screen
Purpose of Customisation Removes the ugly standard frame borders around a Workflow Task Window..
Author Greg Griffiths
Date of Customisation 07 May 2003
Covers Livelink Livelink
Livelink Modules Webwork
Affected Templates \module\webwork\html\frameTaskedit.html
Customisation Format HTML
Download Here Download as ZIP

This simple customisation allows you to remove the ugly frame borders that appear in the Workflow Task screen. In this customisation, we also correct a typo in the HTML comment concerning the file name.

To make this changes we simply add the border="0" attribute to the two Framesets in this template, and we are also correcting the typo in the HTML comment :

    <!-- File: webwork/frameTaskedit.html -->
    <!-- RequestHandler: work.FrameTaskEdit -->
        String urlsuffix = Str.Format( 'WorkID=%1&SubWorkID=%2&TaskID=%3&NextURL=%4', \
            .fArgs.WorkID, \
            .fArgs.SubWorkID, \
            .fArgs.TaskID, \
        Web.Escape( .fArgs.NextURL ) )
        String topSrc = Str.Format( '%1?func=work.FrameTaskTop&%2&name=%3', .url(), urlsuffix, Web.Escape( .fWFName ) )
        String leftSrc = Str.Format( '%1?func=work.FrameTaskLeft&%2', .url(), urlsuffix )
        String rightSrc = Str.Format( '%1?func=work.FrameTaskRight&%2', .url(), urlsuffix )
    <FRAMESET ROWS="70,*" ONLOAD="window.loaded = true" border="0">
            <FRAMESET COLS="200,*" border="0">
                <FRAME NAME="FrameLeft" SRC="`leftSrc`" SCROLLING="AUTO">
                <FRAME NAME="FrameRight" SRC="`rightSrc`" SCROLLING="AUTO">

The effect of this change can be seen in the two screenshots below that show the old and the new look to this screen.

Current Version New Version
Current Version Screenshot After Change
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