When programming in OScript, you may want to know if the current user is a Co-Ordinator of a project, this is signified by the user having delete permissions on the project. The code for this function is as follows :
				function Boolean isUserCoOrdinator(Integer nodeID)
				    Object		prgCtx = .prgSession() // get program context
				    CAPICONNECT connect	= prgCtx.fDBConnect.fConnection // get DB Connection
				    Dynamic		ProjectNode = DAPI.GetNodeById(connect, DAPI.BY_DATAID, nodeID) // get the Node
				    Boolean 	isCoOrd = False // Boolean indicating if the user has delete perms on the node

				    // if there was not an error creating the Node
				    if (!IsError(ProjectNode))
				        // does the user had Delete Permissions on this Node
				        isCoOrd = $LLIAPI.NodeUtil.CheckPermissions(ProjectNode, { $PDelete } )

				    return isCoOrd
The following code snippet shows how you could use this function to test if the the currently logged in user is a Co-Ordinator of the project with DTREE NodeID of 1234 :
				if (.isUserCoOrdinator(1234))
				    echo("User is Co-Ordinator")
				    echo("User is NOT Co-Ordinator")
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