Editing OScript

Despite the presence of the new Content Suite SDK IDE based on Eclipse, many developers still make use of Builder. One of the common headaches with the Builder is the lack of IDE functionality found in other IDEs, such as Visual Studio or Eclipse, for example syntax hightlighting.

However, a few developers have developed addons for some common text editors to allows developers to use them rather than Builder for general development. although at present the code still needs to be copy and pasted back into Builder or the Eclipse IDE to be compiled. The following is a list of common add ons :

Editor Add On
TextPad Add On Instructions
Notepad++ Add On
Edit Plus Add On
Scintilla Add On
Sublime Add On
Qwined (native)  
Visual Studio Code Add On
WebReport Plugin
TextMate Add On
Please let me know if there are any others that you are aware of and I'll add them to this list
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