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I have been lucky enough to be involved in the production of several books as well as having some of my articles published by leading IT websites. Time permitting, I look forward to creating more content to be shared in these formats to give back to a community that I learn so much from. The topics include a varierty of Web Development articles (Javascript, HTML etc), the use of the FDF language to update PDFs, using Novell NDS for Single Sign On to web applications, as well as some more strategic articles covering Master Data Management.








How do I use NDS to authenticate users of a Web-based application? (26 June 2007)
How do I Add TechRepublic as a search provider in my Web browser? (18 June 2007)
Automate frame loading to improve your Web site's user experience (13 Sept 2005)
Create better interactive PDF Web forms with the FDF Toolkit (24 Aug 2005)
Combine the versatility of XML and JavaScript to create an adaptable quiz application (10 Aug 2005)
Learn advanced JavaScript techniques with this free chess game tool (03 Aug 2005)
Follow the evolution of an SQL query and automate your database reporting (11 July 2005)
Access the true power of JavaScript with OOP (29 June 2005)
Ensure your forum participants are people and not bots (28 Apr 2005)
Retrieve important user information using Windows Scripting Host (18 Apr 2005)
Save time using batch files to perform repetitive tasks in a Windows environment (11 Apr 2005)
A look at what is missing in Javascript (14 Mar 2005)
Achieve greater efficiency in your enterprise through managed code (21 Feb 2005)
Master data management lessons learned over the course of a year (03 Feb 2005)
A technique to efficiently manage client-side code when bandwidth is limited (27 Jan 2005)
Use JavaScript to create a DataGrid control with inline editing (20 Jan 2005)
Use presentation layer table sorting to achieve a better user experience (13 Jan 2005)
Creating multiple tab reports in Excel with Business Objects (06 Jan 2005)
Building a Minesweeper-type game in JavaScript (28 April 2004)
Using Client Side Includes instead of Server Side Includes (25 Mar 2004)
The power of Javascripts Eval Command (18 Mar 2004)
Create an ODBC connection to a Lotus Notes database (22 Dec 2003)
Migrating to the corporate master data management system (17 Dec 2003).
Implement and manage a simple news ticker (04 Dec 2003).
Javascript Chess Simulator III (17 November 2003).
XML Driven DHTML Menus (25 Sept 2003).
Explore ways to pass a Microsoft Excel file to the client side (24 Sept 2003).
Javascript Chess Simulator II (10th June 2003).
Javascript Chess Simulator (7th March 2003).
Regular Expressions in Javascript (21 Feb 2003).



Professional Javascript 2nd Edition (Wrox) I was a technical reviewer for Wrox publishing on their Javascript book - Professional Javascript 2nd Edition.

This involved proofreading sections of the book from a technical point of view, ensuring that all the examples worked in a variety of browsers and platform, as well as ensuring that any technical statements were acurate.

I have made a Sample Chapter of this book available online in a PDF format. If after reading this chapter, you want to purchase it, you can order this now from Amazon.


Ultimate Web Developers Sourcebook I was also involved as a contributing author to a book called Ultimate Internet Developers Sourcebook, which contained a selection of articles about web development from CSS to Database Connectivity.

I wrote the one of the chapters in the section on Internet Database Connectivity, which included a discussion on when to use a database, and a worked example in several of the common methods of putting information stored in a database onto a website currently in use.

This book can also be ordered from Amazon.


During my Year Out working for the European Foundation Centre in Brussels, Belgium, I was involved in the publication of several of their directories. My involvement was primarily working on producing the statistics used in the book - which was done by developing a selection of database queries - as well as working on the technical layout aspects of the book in liaison with the publishers.

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