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This section contains a list of OpenText Content Server SubTypes, their icons and the modules that they are from that I have collated over the years. The purpose of the list is to support those who work with OpenText Content Server, such as those developing solutions using OScript, LiveReports, WebReports or working with the Content Server database for example. I hope that you find it a useful resource and those who can help the list grow. These SubType values map directly to the DTree.SubType column in the Content Server database. To understand more about SubTypes in Content Server see the What is a SubType section, if you are able to provide updates to the list, please see the How Can I Help ? section, if you are a developer and need to register your own SubTypes see the How can I register my own SubTypes ? section.

If the module is part of the default installation, then the Module column will say Core, potentially with the version that the SubType moved from an optional module to the Core installation, along with the original optional module name, or which release it was added as a new feature.

A SubType in Content Server is an integer number used to uniquely identify a type of object stored in, or managed by, Content Server, such as a Folder (SubType 0), a Document (SubType 144) or a electronic placeholder about a Physical Item (SubType 411) for example. These objects can be virtual, such as Folder, or an actual electronic file, such as Document, or a pointer with associated metadata about a Physical Object. Each SubType object has a series or features and methods associated with it that are specific to that type, for example a folder may store the number of items it contains whereas that is not appropriate for a Document.

Content Server provides many SubTypes by default, additional ones become available after installing additional optional modules, either from OpenText or other providers. Creation of new SubTypes or enhancing existing SubTypes, is also possible via the Content Server SDK tool, either Builder or CS IDE depending on which version of Livelink / Content Server you are using.

If you are able you can run this WebReport, after deploying the associated WebReport SubTags, that OpenText's WebReport Guru Jordan Gladstone created. Alternatively, you can use the following approaches to generate some of the content :
  • A Content Server SysReport will include a list of most of the subtypes on the system, although not their source modules or icons, along with other System related information. As this report will contain lots of key information about your system and its setup, please only send the appropriate section.
  • The Administer Object Privileges page on the Admin pages allows the Administrator to control who is allowed to create objects of specific subtypes. Although the SubType and Icon are present here, the source module is not.
Once you have the report, you can send it over to me, letting me know which version of Livelink / Content Server your update is for, so I can appropriately update the list presented below.
If you are a developer and have created one or more new SubTypes, then I recommend that in addition to letting me know that you formally register it with the OpenText OScript Registry found on the OpenText Knowledge Centre, which manages lists of allocated numbers for various Content Server objects, to ensure that the number is allocated to your solution and should reduce potential clashes with other modules in the future.
SubType Name < LL9.2 LL 9.2 + CS 2010 CS 10.5 CS 16 Module Description
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